Saturday, June 06, 2015


Massachusetts has been much more relaxing than New York.

Seeing family and friends has been nice. I’ve spent much of my time here, though, just reading.

Aside from sitting on the couch, I’ve done a few things and (it almost goes without saying) eaten plenty of food. I also got to cook with Dick; we made a ratatouille the other night. I really enjoyed pulling out my knives and I’m itching to do it with more frequency!

Anyway, I have been staying with Dick (uncle) and Carol (aunt) in Newbury, but I also got to visit Evy (aunt) and Kenny (uncle) on Monday in Fairhaven. Fairhaven is a town next to New Bedford, which is famous for its whaling history and now has a museum about whaling

Whaling has fallen out of fashion, apparently, but seafood fortunately has not. I’ve been taking full advantage of this. 

In Fairhaven, we had a meal at Margaret’s Restaurant. I ate a mountain of scallops. 

Grilled Scallops!
I spent the next morning in Fairhaven. Then I made my way back into Boston and spent a few hours exploring Harvard Square and then I settled into a café to read my book, while I waited to meet up with Sophie, Clark and Stephen. Here we are at Alden & Harlow:

Clark, Sophie, Yours Truly, and Stephen

Everything was very pretty, but it’s a good thing I had eaten a McDonald’s burger for the second time in my life earlier in the day at South Station (Sorry, Alice!) because everything was very small.

The first time I ever had one was in Paris years ago. To Jen’s complete horror, Josh and I were hellbent on having a famous Royale with Cheese (click the link if you need a Pulp Fiction refresher). I think it’s safe to say that McDonald’s will not be something I seek out again for another ten years.

Anyway, here is a selection of pictures of the things we ate at Alden & Harlow:

I spent the night at Sophie’s and then after a late brunch, I made my way back to Cambridge to explore some more and then I eventually settled down in a café to do some more reading while I waited for dinner with Adrienne.

Dinner with Adrienne was at the famous Craigie On Main. We ate at the bar and befriended the bartender, who was curious about what I’ve been up to and interested in hearing about my trip. Our friendship resulted in ample extra pours and plenty of extra food (Have you begun to notice a trend?). Here are two of the pictures Adrienne shot:

Eventually I made my way back to Newburyport, where I have spent most of the last two days reading my book on Carol and Dick’s couch. How could I want to do anything else when it’s cold outside and their living room is cozy and inviting?

Cozy and inviting living room

I did finally get off of my posterior, yesterday. It was Dick’s 64th and we went to Hellcat Swamp on Plum Island to drink champagne before dinner.

Happy Birthday, Dick!

Well this is it! I’m heading to the airport this afternoon and have a one-way ticket: after a short stopover in Dublin I will be in Rome!