Saturday, June 20, 2015

Week II

I certainly expected my family to read this blog, but I’ve been surprised at how many friends have been letting me know they’re looking at it too. I’ve been enjoying writing it, but it’s nifty hearing back from so many other people too! Do keep writing me!

I have some good news: I located my camera charger (exactly where I had put it). This should ensure better pictures in the future. The bad news, thought, is that I haven’t had many opportunities to use it this week. 

Here are, nevertheless, some highlights from this past week:

Pizza al Prosciutto Coto at Pizzeria Ai Marmi,
which is also sometimes called Il Mortuario because it has long marble tables that resemble ones found in a morgue 
Vespa Tour of Rome
My new unguentaria, used to serve olive oil. They’re from around the Second or Third Century.
One of the appetizers we served the other day for dinner
A little abandoned church in the Villa Doria Pamphili Park, the largest public park in Rome that happens to be two block from where I live in Monteverde
Casino del Bel Respiro, Villa Doria Pamphili